Peer-to-Peer Communication

A CometBFT network is composed of multiple CometBFT instances, hereafter called nodes, that interact by exchanging messages.

The CometBFT protocols are designed under the assumption of a partially-connected network model. This means that a node is not assumed to be directly connected to every other node in the network. Instead, each node is directly connected to only a subset of other nodes, hereafter called its peers.

The peer-to-peer (p2p) communication layer is then the component of CometBFT that:

  1. establishes connections between nodes in a CometBFT network
  2. manages the communication between a node and the connected peers
  3. intermediates the exchange of messages between peers in CometBFT protocols

The specification the p2p layer is a work in progress, tracked by issue #19. The current content is organized as follows:

In addition to this content, some unfinished, work in progress, and auxiliary material can be found in the knowledge-base repository.

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