Reactor is the generic name for a component that employs the p2p communication layer.

This section documents the interaction of the p2p communication layer with the reactors. The diagram below summarizes this interaction, namely the northbound interface of the p2p communication layer, representing some relevant event flows:

Each of the protocols running a CometBFT node implements a reactor and registers the implementation with the p2p layer. The p2p layer provides network events to the registered reactors, the main two being new connections with peers and received messages. The reactors provide to the p2p layer messages to be sent to peers and commands to control the operation of the p2p layer.

It is worth noting that the components depicted in the diagram below run multiple routines and that the illustrated actions happen in parallel. For instance, the connection establishment routines run in parallel, invoking the depicted AddPeer method concurrently. Once a connection is fully established, each Peer instance runs a send and a receive routines. The send routine collects messages from multiple reactors to a peer, packaging then into raw messages which are transmitted to the peer. The receive routine processes incoming messages and forwards them to the destination reactors, invoking the depicted Receive methods. In addition, the reactors run multiple routines for interacting with the peers (for example, to send messages to them) or with the Switch.

The remaining of the documentation is organized as follows:

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