Welcome to the CometBFT documentation!

CometBFT is a blockchain application platform; it provides the equivalent of a web-server, database, and supporting libraries for blockchain applications written in any programming language. Like a web-server serving web applications, CometBFT serves blockchain applications.

More formally, CometBFT performs Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) State Machine Replication (SMR) for arbitrary deterministic, finite state machines. For more background, see What is CometBFT?.

To get started quickly with an example application, see the quick start guide.

To learn about application development on CometBFT, see the Application Blockchain Interface.

For more details on using CometBFT, see the respective documentation for CometBFT internals, benchmarking and monitoring, and network deployments.


To recommend a change to the documentation, please submit a PR. Each major release’s documentation is housed on the corresponding release branch, e.g. for the v0.34 release series, the documentation is housed on the v0.34.x branch.

When submitting changes that affect all releases, please start by submitting a PR to the docs on main - this will be backported to the relevant release branches. If a change is exclusively relevant to a specific release, please target that release branch with your PR.

Changes to the documentation will be reviewed by the team and, if accepted and merged, published to for the respective version(s).

The build process for the documentation is housed in the CometBFT documentation repository.

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