CometBFT can report and serve the Prometheus metrics, which in their turn can be consumed by Prometheus collector(s).

This functionality is disabled by default.

To enable the Prometheus metrics, set instrumentation.prometheus=true in your config file. Metrics will be served under /metrics on 26660 port by default. Listen address can be changed in the config file (see instrumentation.prometheus\_listen\_addr).

List of available metrics

The following metrics are available:

Name Type Tags Description
consensus_height Gauge   Height of the chain
consensus_validators Gauge   Number of validators
consensus_validators_power Gauge   Total voting power of all validators
consensus_validator_power Gauge   Voting power of the node if in the validator set
consensus_validator_last_signed_height Gauge   Last height the node signed a block, if the node is a validator
consensus_validator_missed_blocks Gauge   Total amount of blocks missed for the node, if the node is a validator
consensus_missing_validators Gauge   Number of validators who did not sign
consensus_missing_validators_power Gauge   Total voting power of the missing validators
consensus_byzantine_validators Gauge   Number of validators who tried to double sign
consensus_byzantine_validators_power Gauge   Total voting power of the byzantine validators
consensus_block_interval_seconds Histogram   Time between this and last block (Block.Header.Time) in seconds
consensus_rounds Gauge   Number of rounds
consensus_num_txs Gauge   Number of transactions
consensus_total_txs Gauge   Total number of transactions committed
consensus_block_parts Counter peer_id Number of blockparts transmitted by peer
consensus_latest_block_height Gauge   /status sync_info number
consensus_fast_syncing Gauge   Either 0 (not fast syncing) or 1 (syncing)
consensus_state_syncing Gauge   Either 0 (not state syncing) or 1 (syncing)
consensus_block_size_bytes Gauge   Block size in bytes
consensus_step_duration Histogram step Histogram of durations for each step in the consensus protocol
consensus_block_gossip_parts_received Counter matches_current Number of block parts received by the node
p2p_message_send_bytes_total Counter message_type Number of bytes sent to all peers per message type
p2p_message_receive_bytes_total Counter message_type Number of bytes received from all peers per message type
p2p_peers Gauge   Number of peers node’s connected to
p2p_peer_receive_bytes_total Counter peer_id, chID Number of bytes per channel received from a given peer
p2p_peer_send_bytes_total Counter peer_id, chID Number of bytes per channel sent to a given peer
p2p_peer_pending_send_bytes Gauge peer_id Number of pending bytes to be sent to a given peer
p2p_num_txs Gauge peer_id Number of transactions submitted by each peer_id
p2p_pending_send_bytes Gauge peer_id Amount of data pending to be sent to peer
mempool_size Gauge   Number of uncommitted transactions
mempool_tx_size_bytes Histogram   Transaction sizes in bytes
mempool_failed_txs Counter   Number of failed transactions
mempool_recheck_times Counter   Number of transactions rechecked in the mempool
state_block_processing_time Histogram   Time between BeginBlock and EndBlock in ms

Useful queries

Percentage of missing + byzantine validators:

((consensus\_byzantine\_validators\_power + consensus\_missing\_validators\_power) / consensus\_validators\_power) * 100
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